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We've spent the last 6 hours reading Vanity Fair's online exclusive about the "untold story" behind Fake Writer JT Leroy — honestly, it wouldn't have taken so long if we hadn't kept nodding off. So far as we can tell, the only part that's exclusive or particularly untold are the direct quotes from Geoffrey Knoop, estranged husband of JT mastermind Laura Albert. Kudos to VF for actually making this story less interesting — maybe that's why it's only available online? Not bland enough to kill, but not spicy enough to be printed on a glossy page.

Anyhow, while we're not exactly blown away by anything in the piece, Knoop's quotes are at least mildly amusing:

Geoff had his own taste of disconnect, a bittersweet one, when Karen Rinaldi, visiting San Francisco from New York, showed up unexpectedly at the door of his and Laura's apartment with a care package of food. Geoff kept his cool and said J.T. wasn't around, wouldn't be around, and Rinaldi, though skeptical, eventually left. But a deep impression had been made: "She was really sexy, and she had groceries. And a limo. I was like, I'll go for a ride in the limo. This was rock-star treatment for J.T.—that was the first time I saw something like that. And I just remember wishing like, God, I wish we were real."

See? The lies weren't their fault. They were seduced by "sexy" Karen Rinaldi and a ride in her magic long-car.

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