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Defamer is committed to turning every seemingly innocuous, completely inconsequential celebrity-on-civilian interaction into an impromptu photo shoot via our network of privacy-eradicating, hidden-camera-wielding operatives. Says the spy who provided the above pic:

Ran into 3 of the cast members from the OC (Benjamin McKenzie, Adam Brody, and Rachel Bilson) at the Polo Lounge on Saturday night. All very cool and only slightly annoyed at our post-wedding drunken gawking. ...but do they wear their OC wardrobes at all times?

Unfortunately, our citizen paparazzi didn't lean in close enough to catch any of their conversation, which we will will nonetheless speculate included him asking his conversation companion, "Hey, do you mind if I tilt my head to the right a little and smile like I'm really into you? Maybe that guy with the camera works for Star and I'll get a photo spread out of this."