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Hi—just sat near Anna Wintour at Jury Duty downtown at 111 Centre Street. She was wearing a really expensive dress and had to sit with the common people. She huffed as I discussed the cheap Prada sold in nearby Chinatown with another potential juror. She must have thought I was talking about that crap book because she looked up and made a bit of a groan. We all got release from jury service at 12:35pm

At a break during jury duty, I was admiring the cream colored skirt on an impeccably dressed woman with a blondish bob, who I realized was none other than the Anna Wintour. It looks like even she couldn't get out of jury duty. Thank goodness I look reasonably fashionable today, although I wouldn't dare to eat carbs in her presence.

04/21/06 - Bubby's in Tribeca, 3:01pm. A bunch of people from my office were out celebrating that our coworker was finally leaving the office when we spotted Scarlet Johansson and Josh Hartnett sitting up front having a late lunch. Both were dressed casually. Josh is one cute, tall drink of water with longish hair and a goatee (didn't he get the memo?) Scarlett has red hair now. My coworker saw her lightly pick her nose when she thought no one looking!

So my friend and I were going to get a bite and a drink on the uws....too many places were packed (citrus had an hour wait!). We finally came to Monaco (at 81st and Amsterdam) and sat at a sidewalk table. We had been there awhile when a bunch of blue suits came in. I realized they were secret service...wondered why they were there...looked to my right, and there was Bill Clinton. He was sitting about 6 feet from me with an older couple (who the secret service told me were old family friends). It was pretty amazing....the man is a rock star. The most hilarious part was watching people's reactions as they walked by and realized who was sitting in the window (he was facing the street). Once he was getting up to leave, a ton of people came out of the woodwork, cheering him and wanting to shake his hand. I went up to him and told him he was lovely. The secret service guys got me his autograph. There are very few celebrities who would make me so giddy (I saw Morgan Freeman strolling down Broadway yesterday) but damn!

Spotted a smiling and laughing Katie Couric on her cell phone yesterday (4/18), in an olive green paddock jacket, standing in front of the "CC East 86th Street" movie theatres at 6:35pm. She was solo and looked good! (A little work around the eyes, but nice!). Think she was there for "V for Vendetta" (6:45pm); Thank You for Smoking (7:15pm); or Take the Lead (7:05pm). She was too early for Ice Age: The Movie (7:30pm), and I didn't see her kid(s). "CC East 86th Street" is smack in the middle of that marginal section of 86th between 2nd and 3rd. (BTW, reports say they're imploding that whole block for a new 55,000 sq. ft. Barnes & Noble. Finally.)

We just saw Naomi Campbell leaving Yves Saint Laurent on Madison ave and 71st. She waited inside for a while because there were a few paparazzi waiting outside. She left with 3 other people including a body guard. She was super tall and very thin! They got in a black BMW and drove up Madison and turned East on 72nd.

Apparently, I have been magnetized by a celebrity magnet or something. My roommates and I were walking down Avenue A by Tompkins Sq. Park last night around 7, on our way to dinner, when we passed Colin Farrell and two of his friends. His friends looked like they were going to a head banger's ball, while Colin was wearing his gray fedora and big, black-framed glasses. He was not smoking or having sex with Nicole Narain, however.

4/23, 7:30ish, Viggo Mortensen came into the Patron's Lounge of the Biltmore Theatre on 47th and 8th Ave. He was there to see Manhattan Theatre Club's new play, Shining City. Shorter than expected, and cleaner than Aragorn, but I would recognize that voice anywhere. Had a flier in his hand for MTC's Defiance, so maybe he'll pop up there sometime soon!

Saw Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw on Green and Prince St in Soho around 3pm being followed by paparazzi. Steven is very handsome in person.

Hey, I was in The Container Store up by Bloomingdale's, 58th and Lex, and Johnny Damon was there with his wife, buying armloads of stuff, a big shiny trash can among the haul. The funniest part (he was ahead of me in line at the registers) was that his wife pulled out the credit card and paid (because I'm sure she is the one making all the money). They have good taste though.

My husband and 8-year old daughter spotted Nicole Kidman in Battery Park this afternoon with a man who may or may not have been Keith Urban (they didn't get a good look at him). Nicole was looking very blonde and was eating something that might have been spaghetti (or not...don't blame me for the lack of specificity, I wasn't there).

(8PM) Last night I went to see the play Awake & Sing staring a slew of people including the hunky Mark Ruffalo. As I was looking for my aisle I ran smack dab into another confused soul looking for his aisle, Jake Gyllenhaal. We looked at each other, excused ourselves and went about our search, although I really wanted to scream "Jake Gyllenhaal you are my screen saver on my laptop, I love you better than Heath!" but I thought that would be impolite. He was with his sister Maggie and their parents.

Saw Jay Z yesterday night April 20th at Cipriani for dinner (7:15). I was sitting outside (seats that took some serious cajoling to get) and Jay walks in with a friend. A waiter motions to the table next to ours to see if he wants to sit there. Jay says no and goes to the back table inside the restaurant. He was wearing a black velour sweatshirt with green trim. His driver stayed outside in watch his blue Maybach all night.

At 11am as I made my way to work I passed Good Morning America just as Teri Hatcher was exiting her black SUV, with another cute women carrying a dress bag. I heard she was there to do a pre-taped interview for the morning gab show.

Mike Meyers was eating Cafe Habana's grilled corn appetizer and hanging with some chick who was dressed in something from the 70's.... very groovy baby. Came in at 9:30pm. The whole restaurant went silent when he walked in, which was weird cause it was really crowded. Slowly the low hum turned back to normal and everyone pretended not to see him, instead just peeking out of the corner of their eyes.

I saw Harvey Keitel walking several yards ahead from his wife and toddler child on North Moore and west at April 15th, 6:30 pm. They just returned from the park; his toddler had a sand bucket and pale mother was patiently walking the kid.

Went to see "Showgirls the Best Movie Ever Made, Ever" at UCB last night. The show was absolutely hysterical. My date and I lingered at our seats for a little after the show. Once the crowd thinned out my date says, "Is that Gina Gershon?!" And sure enough it was her! She looks amazing. She actually looks younger now than she did in the movie. Girl, that botox is working! As we stalked, the cast all came out to greet her and she seemed really nice. She had a really great sense of humor about the whole thing.

I saw Elizabeth Berkley, aka Jessie Spano, aka Ms. Showgirls, last night at Prince & Greene in SoHo. She was with two guys and, boy, I've never seen a trashier female.

Saw Elizabeth Hasselback from "The View" going to dinner with her husband (the football player) and some friends at Stanton Social. Looked surprisingly hot but ridiculously skinny. She must feel threatened by Star's gastric bypass.

G Spa Lounge, morning of 4/21. Alexis Bledel from "Gilmore Girls" sat at a table with three hipsterish looking friends. She is gorgeous in person and seems pretty shy. A female fan sent over a bottle of champagne for her and she seemed a little surprised by it but invited the fan over to chat for a few minutes. They only stayed for about a half hour.

I saw Uma Thurman having a late lunch with a friend at Bouley, 120 W. Broadway, this (Sunday) afternoon. She looked great and seemed very interested in the conversation she was having. Even our waiter seemed starstruck.

Michael Kors, looking relaxed, slightly spray-tanned, and faaahbulous, in animated conversation with two younger male friends outside the Victoria's Secret store at B'way/68.

Around 3:30. I was eating lunch at Tao Restaurant, where I sat next to Damien Fahey from MTV's TRL and actress Amanda Bynes having lunch and overheard them talking about going to Stereo tonight. I observed some flirting going on, are they dating? Amanda dined on seared tuna and Damian had sushi. Amanda footed the bill which my guest and I calculated at over $100.00

I just saw Amanda Bynes along with what seemed to be her assistant and her sister Jillian. Amanda was in Barneys New York where she purchased 3 pairs of Seven For All Mankind Jeans and a load of t-shirts. Overheard the sales associate say the total came to $2500. She seemed very friendly as she sipped her Starbucks latte.

Spotted Glenn Close enjoying a Corona and celebrating a birthday (not her's) with friends/family at Terra Blues last night in Greenwich Village. Much prettier and sweeter when not boiling bunnies or stalking Michael Douglas.

Howard Stern & his girlfriend [Beth Ostrosky], decked out in jogging suits, walking briskly through central park outside of Tavern on the Green.

Jena Malone walking down 8th Avenue looking painfully hung over. She was dressed in frumpy brown clothes, looking white as a ghost with her hair piled in a bun on top of her head. She was grasping on to a large bottle of water as if it would emancipate her from her hang over. The poor thing was clearly hurting.

I saw Mary J. Blige leaving a chauffeured driven town car at 7:10 PM 4/19 meeting two woman friends for dinner at Nobu. She was beautiful in a cream colored outfit and long blond ponytail.

I just saw Cher shopping at Bergdorf Goodman at 6pm. She was on the 2nd floor trying on a lot of shoes. Everyone in there noticed her because she is so distinct looking with long black hair and sunglasses, and was very skinny. She was with two younger girls, one of whom resembled her (her daughter?)

Saw Dennis Quaid (looking shockingly old, with a mess of hair that would make Worzel Gummidge tsk tsk) walking down 8th Avenue on the corner of 43rd St in a pair of jeans. Had a blonde woman walking beside him, slightly shorter than him - needed to do a double-take because she looked like the spitting image of Meg Ryan in Addicted to Love.

Russell Simmons sitting in his Maybach across from Babyphat on Prince. He looked like he was in high spirits despite the divorce he's going through. I would probably be in high spirits too if I was riding around in a car worth half a million bucks...

Marcia Gay Harden Sunday 4/23/06 1:00PM 83rd and Broadway, having brunch at Caf Lalo with her 3 children and Nanny.

Saturday, 5pm, saw a hollowed faced Willem Dafoe walking along West Fourth St, sporting crazy highlighted hair.

Sunday, 1:45pm, I saw a very thin Paul Rudd walking along Horatio St. smoking a butt. He was very smiley and friendly to those he passed. Despite the long torso and short legs, he's totally dreamy.

Saw Jamie Lee Siegler last night at 12:30 at the grand opening of Manor. She was dressed down and looked the same as she does on the show, except she was bored...I was surprised to see her there—it was a pretty lame party full of investment bankers.

Saw Piper Perabo at Houston and 2nd ave on the 22nd around 2pm. She was talking on her cell phone, walking in the rain. Long tiny legs!

Yesterday around 3 pm I saw Michelle Williams, Busy Phillips (I guess it was a Dawson's Creek reunion?) and two other pals walking around the Whitney Biennial. Michelle Williams looked like an Olsen in kids-size jeans and blonde, blonde hair. Busy looked really good and healthy...nice ass, too.

11am I just saw Wilmer Valderrama in Gramercy Park walking out of the bagel store on 3rd Avenue and 21st. He was wearing jeans and a green strip button down. He looked really tired maybe from a wild night out.

Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore - West 92nd St and Broadway.

A very sexy hip looking Joan Allen seen at Punch Restaurant in Flat Iron district with very young chiseled beau, their table chatting it up with sexy chef.

Just saw a couple of (arguably irrelevant) celebrities at Hiro; Kylie Minogue, Alan Cumming and Cindy Lauper, as well as some guys from the Scissor Sisters. Kylie looked really cute and tiny in a white dress with her ultrashort post-cancer hair—I overheard a dumb queen asking if she was ripping off Natalie Portman's hairstyle. She was sitting at a table and making conversation with some gays. Alan Cumming sported a Mohawk and danced a lot, as did Cindy Lauper. Caught Cindy going home alone, sans entourage, which looked a bit sad.

April 21,2006 around 5:00pm or so Mandy Moore (brown hair again) crossing Canal Street and West Broadway going towards Tribeca. I didn't realized she was that tall.

Friday, 04/21 saw Cynthia Nixon and girlfriend having dinner at Taboon (52nd & 10th). Looked good, much the way you would expect. They seemed happy and lingered for a long time over their meals. Proving she is not afraid of PDAs, Cynthia leaned over and kissed her companion as they were getting up to leave.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin at Lupa on Friday night. Alas, no Apple or Moses in sight. Gwyneth looked stunning and yet it appeared she had not a stitch of make-up on. Definitely doesn't look like she had a baby in the recent past. Hubby was trying to be incognito by wearing a sweatshirt hoodie but failed miserably.

Yesterday I saw Annie Leibowitz get out of a town car on Bank St. like she was looking for an address. Then as she was getting back into the town car she spotted some guy she knew and yelled "Hi Mark! Do you want to come see Angelina with us?" He was carrying a Starbucks and was on his way somewhere. They chatted for a minute. He declined. She got in the car left.

Axl Rose was in Misshapes signing autographs and drinking Grey Goose at 3am. He was having a good time and later left in his signature Black SUV.

I saw Rosie Perez in Soho on Spring st at 2pm looking a little rushed.

Sunday 4/23, late afternoon at the Bus Stop Cafe in the West Village: Keanu Reeves and 3 LA sycophants, all speaking at earsplitting volume lest someone in the restaurant not hear them. Funny, Keanu was going on and on and on about character development. As if.

Just saw Rufus Wainwright talking on his cell phone at MacDougal and West 3rd. Overheard him saying, "The weather — it's terrible!"

4/19/06: I walked by Tony-winning playwright Tony Kushner (Angels in America, and his partner/husband(?) Mark Harris, walking hand in hand along Central Park South around 10pm last night amidst the warm spring air. Harris is an editor-at-large at Entertainment Weekly, hence the glowing reviews that magazine always gives Kushner's works. And not to toot my own horn, but I'm a reasonably attractive gay man and i swore Kushner was checking me out.

Saw Luke from The O.C., whose name is apparently Chris Carmack, walking alone south on 6th Ave between 4th and 3rd by the Cage. He was very scruffy and wearing a baseball cap like he was trying to hide. Dude, you were on The O.C. for like a season. You're not George Clooney.

This is a bit old now but Friday 4/14, Seann Williams Scott asked me to take his picture with two tourists on Bleecker and Mercer around 3:30. I didn't even recognize him, and assuming he was one of them, I took their little picture, but when they parted I realized they didn't know each other and he was famous. He had an air! The beard threw me off, but I caught his profile and knew it could only be Stifler. Then, laughing, I stupidly yelled down the street "I didn't even recognize you." And he turned around and said, "Sometimes I don't recognize myself."

Saw David Belzer at the intersection of 86th and Lexington, walking with a friend. He was a lot skinnier than he looks on TV.

Andre Leon Talley entering Michaels around 1:30 this afternoon...he was wearing a shiny black coat (the material looked to be vinyl but was probably some horrifically expensive and rare material and black tuxedo pants.... he is tall, tall, tall!

Artie Lange walking west across 9th Ave on 42nd Street. He was carrying a back pack and had a Yankees hat on backwards.

4:32pm 4/24/06, I saw Daisy Fuentes with her family on Madison Ave & 68 st. She looks
a lot like a combination of her parents. They were walking out of Chopards on Madison with lots of shopping bags. Very friendly. Very tall.

For any Gawker readers born before the Carter administration, this will be a thrill and a half: I was on the N/R uptown platform heading for the L train when I got to one of those skinny platform areas by the stairs, where you have to go single-file or risk falling on the tracks. I stopped to let someone go by, because I am respectful and friendly, and then looked up to see that it was John-Boy Walton. I knew him by his giant face-mole. My mole-less face broke into a huuuuuge grin and I put my hand out to indicate he could safely pass by; he said, "Oh! Thank you!" and passed by, surely praying to himself that I would not ruin the moment by saying "G'night, John- Boy." His prayers were answered, though 30 seconds later I realized it would have been really funny if I had called him "the sin- eater" in reference to a little-seen episode of Night Gallery from before the Waltons were even a thing.

Saw famed former basketball star Manute Bol looking "tall" at the Madison Square Bar & Grill for the Jammy Awards being admired by 1,200 deadheads who were stoned out of their mind.

Geraldo Rivera in his Bentley driving on 58th Street and Broadway.

I just saw Wilson Cruz, (Ricki on my so called life) on 41st st and 7th ave. He was making his way through the rent raffle mayhem. He was looking very cute in some wrap around Chanels. He squeezed by me and when did he touched me and said "sorry babe", and my heart melted. It was like high school all over again.

I do market research at Newark Airport and just saw a group of four or five guys who could best be described as "that guys" in the business class lounge of Scandinavian Air/Lufthansa. They were heavily tattooed, hair-gelled, and were wearing basketball jerseys/shorts. They hung out for about a half an hour, drinking and loudly talking on their cell phones. They stuck out, but I don't think any of the 50-year-old businessmen knew that there was a celebrity in their midst—hell, I'm a 25-year-old girl and had no idea. It wasn't until I was leaving and heard the tall, blond one talking on his cell phone that I started to figure it out. He had that high-pitched nasally tone that a lot of annoying young male celebrities have, so I looked closer and figured that it was a Backstreet Boy. So I googled him and saw that it was indeed Nick Carter who has a gay seahorse tattoo on his calf. That was a lot of buildup just for a Nick Carter payoff.