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· Remember the story about the anonymous Hollywood "superstar" accused of taking matters into his own hands (or to use the French term, "rubbed one out") after his shocked masseuse refused to administer a happy ending? A British tribunal ruled that it's OK to reveal that Kevin Costner is the alleged knuckle-shuffler, yet offered no legal correction to the misapplication of the term "superstar" to the actor.
· Congratulations to Tobey Maguire, whose engagement to Universal bigshot Ron Meyer's daughter ensures continued career opportunities should he finally decide to get too fat to put on the Spider-Man tights.
· Check out the smart new redesign over at our porn-pushing sister site Fleshbot, featuring the Gawker Widescreen technology that allows the featured naked people to spread out across all of your spare monitor space. [link NSFW, of course]
· The publicity-touring Tom Cruise says that he's called Katie Holmes "about a billion times" to ask her about their new daughter, even though the answer is the same each time: "Nope, still not yours."