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Freshly minted Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz tells NY Times writer John Markoff, "I belong to a club that exists around the world that says progress is made by the unconventional. And that is reflected in many things, whether it's where I choose to live or the company I work for..." Whoa, Jon, really? Sun Microsystems? Pretty indie there, dude. Pretty wild and new.

Schwartz also apparently likes to show off his brainstorming whiteboards (ahem) and boasts of an admiration for Steve Jobs. And, of course, he sports a ponytail.

Mmmmmhm. We'll see how long Mr. Conventionally Unconventional lasts when he has to give what the Sun board wants: some good old-fashioned lay-offs.

For Sun Microsystems, a Leader With Little Taste for Convention [NYT]