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The Times has an front-section piece today on the latest twist in the Anthony Pellicano wiretapping saga that's metastasizing through Hollywood. Today's wrinkle: A prominent L.A. divorce lawyer who used Pellicano on his cases "was aware of at least one instance of his illegal wiretapping." And how does the Times describe this attorney?

The divorce lawyer, Dennis M. Wasser, whose clients have included the actor Tom Cruise and the MGM mogul Kirk Kerkorian, is among the most prominent Hollywood figures under scrutiny in the nearly four-year federal investigation of Mr. Pellicano, who was charged in February with wiretapping and conspiracy.

None of which is untrue. But, then, there's also this, tucked into a March L.A. Times piece:

Wasser, along with Christensen's firm, is now representing billionaire supermarket magnate Ron Burkle in litigation relating to his divorce.

Would seem to be somewhat relevant now, no?


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