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As we wait for the Payola Six scandal to churn up something new and interesting, we return to one of first questions: What was billionaire Burkle trying to hide? More on his young model habit, from the Livejournal of a reported part-time model/American Apparel employee:

you know all that fuss about ron burkle, the supermarket billionaire who got blackmailed by the page six guy? i know that guy! when i went to modelfest 2005 in new york city (thinly disguised as a "free trip to new york for the night!!" by my friend), he took us there — it was his private jet that we flew on with him & his cronies. when we all convened in nyc with his east coast buddies and their model collection, he took all of us out to dinner at nobu and paid for everything— a bill that had to be in the thousands — but what i remember most is him having the personality of a sea slug, talking only to the crusty businessmen at the table, and only about his bud p. diddy and their wild times.

The modelizing is no secret, but nobody can withstand having Page Six uncover their secret sea slug side.

Ridiculous! [Rotk ppchen]