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Gee, wouldn't it be hilarious if that Gizmondo story got even weirder? GUESS WHAT.

This time, it's not the Ferrari-crashing Stefan Eriksson in trouble (oh, he's still screwed too). It's his buddy from the FUBAR gadget company, Carl Freer, who whipped out a badge on the scene of the crash. Carl's accused of flashing his San Gabriel Valley Transit Authority badge (keep it in your pants, Carl!) to buy a gun without a background check. Such a deal wouldn't be kosher, what with him being a foreign national who can't buy guns in the U.S. His office denies the whole deal, but L.A. sheriffs found 12 rifles and four handguns at his home and on his yacht. No worries, he was probably just doing some hunting.

2nd Arrest Made in Ferrari Case [LAT]