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How do you break the 12-photo rule and get 51 snaps on MySpace? Step 1: Date Tom Anderson.

MySpace Tom's secret Real Friends list is still a mystery, but here's one girl who's definitely on it. Tiffany Chao ( is just 22 (to Tom's 30) and fits Tom's rumored demographic just fine. Judging by their photos and comments, they're a real hot item. They headed out to Chichen Itza together, and they hang out on Tom's stomping grounds in L.A. And when Tiffany posted a snap of her and Joaquin Phoenix (or at least a wax figure of Jo), Tom got defensive: "he is 7 feet tall, but i'm 7'1,"" he commented from his secondary friends-only profile.

But one detail really made me perk up: Tiffany lists herself as "single." Either Tom's due for a lot of MySpace drama, or he's still single too — which means you could hook up with the Myspace Mastah and get your own 51-picture profile.

Tiffany [MySpace profile]