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Even without a venue in which she can adequately ply her celebrity-pampering trade, temporarily clubless nightlife queen-in-exile Amanda Scheer Demme name is still making frequent appearances in the gossip sheets. (And, occasionally, in the NY Times) Today's Page Six keeps her personal brand alive with an update from Demmeland:

An insider says Demme is "sending spies to Teddy's to see if any of her former customers are still going there, so she can blackball them." But from where? Demme doesn't have any establishments at the moment, though she's hosting parties at Pure in Las Vegas. Director Ted Demme's widow had a problem with allowing famous underage drinkers to imbibe freely at the bars she ran. Our source snarked, "She can't really work in L.A. anymore - who will give her a liquor license?"

The blackballing idea strikes us as patently ridiculous, as Demme certainly wouldn't expect her patrons to go on the wagon while she looks for a local gig. Once she sets up her velvet rope and gets back to the important work of making sure that every underage starlet in this town has a clean, not-so-well-lighted place where they can get shitfaced in the company of an acceptably exclusive crowd, all regrettable flings with other enablers will be forgiven.