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  • Board-member-about-town Esther Dyson reminds you — personally — how much cooler her life is than yours. [EDyson on Flickr]
  • Avocent to acquire Landesk. After a $415 million deal, both will still have stupid names. [CNET]
  • Productivity firm 37 Signals opens a job board for companies scouting out "designers, programmers, or executives who 'get it.'" Executives who don't "get it" may apply directly to Microsoft. [37 Signals]
  • Apple can sail through the loss of any exec — except Steve. Then they're fucked. [PC Magazine]
  • MediaNews Group snaps up the San Jose Mercury News, with help from Hearst. No word on whether Hearst will order the masthead to read: "Why read this when you could read Hearst's SF Chronicle?" [TODAYonline]