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The game is over for Kaavya Viswanathan: Publisher Little, Brown has decided to pull the Harvard sophomore's novel from bookstore shelves after she admitted to all but plagiarizing the work of Megan McCafferty. The announcement came late last night, just one day after the publisher originally said they would not recall copies — but they probably saw how pissed Katie Couric was and had a change of heart.

In her first statement on the situation, McCafferty said, "I wish to inform all of the parties involved that I am not seeking restitution in any form. [...] I look forward to getting back to work and moving on, and hope Ms. Viswanathan can, too."

Ha, right. We don't really see Viswanathan moving on to much of anything after this, other than the inevitable memoir of how she fell into such a deep shithole at such a young age (our advice to KV: just blame drugs and depression, it makes for a better read). As for Kaavya's pricey education, we know what Harvard should do, but will it actually happen?

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