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Troubled, lesser Baldwin brother Daniel (Homicide, not Bio-Dome or Sliver) further eroded the legacy of Hollywood's most storied clan by being arrested for cocaine possession in Santa Monica motel on Saturday. Reports Court TV:

Responding to a complaint about loud noise coming from a room at the Ocean Park Inn, Santa Monica police say they found Baldwin, 45, with a drug pipe in his hands and another man, Winston Anthony Hunter, 52, hiding in the bathroom. There was also a "small amount of cocaine," in the $75 a night room, according to Lt. Frank Fabrega of the Santa Monica Police Department. When questioned by the officers, both men admitted to being high on illegal drugs and were arrested for possession of cocaine, possession of narcotic paraphernalia and being under the influence of narcotics, Lt. Fabrega said.

The above passage should serve as a cautionary tale about why celebrities, now matter how far they've slid down the call sheet, need publicists. A good flack could've spun what was apparently a tragic crack bust (note the telltale "drug pipe") at a low-budget motel in Santa Monica into a glamorous coke-orgy at Shutters on the Beach, almost magically transforming the pipe-hitter cowering in the bathroom into five models soaking in a hot tub, ready to service the movie star's "enormous appetites." And if that kind of PR whitewash fell outside of Baldwin's budget, even the most affordable of crisis managers would've at least claimed that the guy in the motel room was Billy, not Daniel. There are always a couple of spare down-on-their-luck Baldwins around to throw under the bus.