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Our precious Friday afternoon time is slipping away, so let's get to your blind item guesses before we all sneak out for the weekend. But first, take another lap around One Lucky Bastard Blind Vice:

Ted sez: "How does one describe Chumpy Lumpy? He's not hot, hell, no. He's almost cute, in that "neighbor who feeds your cat and leaves a smiley note on the counter" sort of way. Chumpy's the guy your sister would describe as "supernice." But if you asked your sibling if she wanted to do him, she would swat you with her nail polish, roll her eyes and start talking about how hot Johnny Depp is. Regardless, get a hold of the following: The rumors that Mr. Lumpy is hooking up with semi-famous cable hunk Prance Butt have been around for a little while. Good for Chump, I said to myself. Because, hey, who doesn't like to see a has-been doofus get some play, right?" Read the item.

You say: Your guesses are after the jump:

You say: With admirable (or is it actionable?) decisiveness, you ganged up on former boybander Lance Bass, finding him to be both "chumpy" and "lumpy" in equal measure. Lance he the one from My Big Fat Greek Wedding or the one who had sex with Britney Spears? So hard to keep them all straight. So to speak.

You also say: James Van Der Beek, Jon Lovitz, David Hasselhoff, Paul Giamatti, and Philip Seymour Hoffman. Anyone who didn't line up for Lance Bass obviously had very personal ideas about what constitutes "chumpy" and/or "lumpy."

And The Andy Dick/Dakota Fanning Memorial "You Also Say" Item Goes To: Joy Behar.

Thanks to everyone for playing!