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Online video! It's hot! It's new (except for Star Wars Kid and the hillbilly montage and Numa Numa and the Crazy Frog and—)! It's the way to market Firefox or report on the Maker Faire. And it's the center of a slow news cycle.

  • The Sign It's Arrived: The Washington Post runs (yet another) trend story on previously unknown, YouTube-created stars like Natalie Portman. [Washington Post]
  • Okay, to be fair, the WaPo interviews David Lehre, creator of YouTube-promoted "MySpace: The Movie" (hint: after YouTube makes you famous, take your movie elsewhere). (WaPo also republishes vlogger Terry Turner's YouTube news show, tacking on a 30-second ad. You stay classy, Washington Post.)
  • Wired News reminds everyone about Home Star Runner and Rocketboom using Wired Magazine's three-part guide to online video: The New Networks, Watch This Way, and My Favorite Vlogs. [Wired News]
  • More! More! I'm still not satisfied! Make your own vids: Wired Mag lays out the course from "famous to no one" to "famous to 15 people." [Lights! Camera! Vodcast!]
  • And Wired interviews the guy running Google Video — and posts it in boring old text. [Are You Ready for Googlevision?]
  • A simpler step-by-step for the remedial class. If you're over 30 or proud of Katie Couric, this guide is for you. [Wichita Eagle]
  • Valleywag pal Paul Boutin showcases the best YouTube Milli Vanillis. [A YouTube Lip-Sync Primer]
  • Paul also wrote up a nifty Grand Unified Theory of YouTube's popularity. (The theory: YouTube is easy.) [Slate]