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A lady who lunches informs us that Noho eateries Five Points and Noho Star are closed for lunch due to the immigration strike — anyone know of any other venues suffering because of headstrong laborers? We called Five Points to confirm and received the following explanation: "You know, because most of the kitchen staff..." [Voice awkwardly trails off.] Oh yes, we know. [Eyes roll, disapproving shake of head.]

No worries, though, because Michael's is still open. When asked if any of the scheduled immigration rallies would be affecting their lunch schedule, the chipper hostess practically laughed at the idea. Makes sense — if you've gotten a job at Michael's, you're already bleached on the inside.

UPDATE: Readers report that Florent and Pump at 31st Street are closed for today; Chat 'n' Chew will not be chewing, though it's still open.

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