It would be completely irresponsible to imply that Sun Microsystems lawyer Bruce Kerr, podcaster and singer of political and parody songs like "If You've Come Here to Be an American," "An Imam of Mine," and "Sittin' on the Dock of Dubai" is at all representing Sun with his music. No, even though he names himself as an attorney for Sun Microsystems without any such disclaimer, despite what he learned in law school, a proper media outlet will not draw any undue connection between "Loose Bruce" Kerr and Sun Microsystems.

But the musical talent of this Dr. Demento Show veteran must be showcased. So here, in a video unrelated to Sun Microsystems (customer service number: 1-800-786-0404, press 0, say "customer service" and "yes"), is "Loose Bruce" singing "Anal Vice." It is a song about his sphincter.

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