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Because we are all victim to the whims of our masters, Mediabistro's bookish blog Galleycat has given publisher Laurel Touby access to their Movable Type. At first, it seems that she's writing an honest defense of Kaavya Viswanathan: "I, too, suffer from a form of selective memory." Right — she runs a networking company, but never remembers people's names. But then we continued reading and realized that we were actually dealing with Laurel's special brand of humor:

...I am told I showed up at 4 Times Square emaciated, wearing a page-boyish wig, dark red lipstick (not my shade), sunglasses and was ordering the staff around. When they wouldn't let me past security, I muttered between clenched teeth, "Do you know who I am? How dare you! Call Si immediately!" Instead they called the police.

Satire? Laurel, honey, that could be totally true.

Our Publisher Is Not Herself Today [Galleycat]