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On Sunday, April 23, The Harvard Crimson was breaking news that Kaavya Viswanathan was a plagiarist. Halfway around the world, meantime, The Hindu, which calls itself "India's National Newspaper," was that same day publishing a fairly fawning Q&A with the little Indian-American girl made good. (Made better?) A Gawker reader stumbled across that Hindu interview this morning, and we must stop now to save its final bit:

The deal with Little Brown was for a two book series. So have you started work on the sequel?
No. I haven't and I probably should. But I'm actually terrified about the writing process this time around. What if I find out I have nothing to say? What if I can't write? I just wish I could just move forward to the time when the sequel would be written and I could go around promoting it. I enjoy that part. (smiles)

Yes, Kaavya, the writing is the tough part, ain't it now?

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