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Can they change their names and end the confusion already? Wired News bitchslaps the letter-writers who, inspired by a dead-wrong Huffington Post article, went apeshit on Wired Magazine for an old Wired News story. Wired News ed-in-chief starts his reply:

First, Wired News and Wired magazine are distinct business entities with independent editorial teams. Opinions and decisions made on the online side of the house do not necessarily reflect those on the print side, and vice versa.

Second, the author and editors of the articles in question left Wired News long ago, taking their political opinions with them. There are a lot of disappointed Gore fans in the world, and not all of them write for the Huffington Post.

Third, just be happy the new Wired cover headline wasn't "Current_ TV sucks."

Rants 'n' Raves: Unsmear Gore Now [Wired News. That title again is Wired News]