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A reader sends an update on the whereabouts of Sun Microsystems CEO Jon Schwartz, the man John Markoff treated in the New York Times as a non-conformist indie-rock kind of guy.

Going through old stories and saw this one: [I almost feel sorry for Jon Schwartz. Almost. (Valleywag)]

I live around the corner from this house. Update is that he sold the house a few months ago (and the attached guest house) for a reported 3.2mm. His old place (700 Noe) was an amazing home and he clearly put a lot of work to make all the finishes nice, including hiring a cabinetmaker to design custom closets and outfitting walls with venetian plaster - the elevator was just an extra touch. Now that he and his wife are having kids, they needed a bigger/more kid-friendly home. He supposedly moved to a new and bigger house on Church St.

With the move, Jon is indeed closer to the "edge of the Mission," the neighborhood known more for poor Hispanics than software execs (but more for hipsters than anything else). But a house bigger than his $3.2-mil pad? Still not edgy, Jon. Maybe grow a goatee — that'll get the kids hot.

Earlier: I almost feel sorry for Jon Schwartz. Almost. [Valleywag]