That Thing In The Middle Of 'Unan1mous' May Not Be A Numeral

We think we finally have some clue as to why Ryan Seacrest closes every Tuesday night episode of American Idol with a hearty endorsement for the Fox reality series immediately following it, Unan1mous. reality blurred notes that one of the show's "contestants" (we use scare quotes because of rampant rumors that everyone is planted except for sad sack bear pin-up boy Steve), "self-described womanizer" Jonathan, is featured [pictures VERY NSFW] getting frisky with an SUV on a gay porn site. We imagine life must become that much harder for an old fashioned, God-fearin' womanizer to go about his womanizing duties once the world has seen you doing the proctologist's spread over a driver's seat. For that reason alone, we think Jonathan should get the million dollars, or whatever the hell it is they're arguing about in that bunker.