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A Defamer operative shares this run-in last night with Wayne Brady, when the actor seemed to want to avoid the onset of Chappelle's Syndrome, the crippling affliction in which a comedian's hundred-thousandth intoning of their wildly popular catch-phrase induces a dissociative fugue state that drives them away from millions of dollars in network cash. Says our reader about his Brady encounter:

10:30 last night myself and a group of friends left LaLa's in Studio City. As we walked to our car we noticed 2 SUVs with their doors open and some young, hip-hop dressed kids messing around. At our car one of them hollered to us. "Yo! Do you guys like R&B?" (note: he couldn't have picked a whiter group of four people getting into a PT Cruiser). We all say, nah and get into the car. "But do you guys BUY music?" One of us foolishly says yes. It's on. He takes out his CD. "This is our CD, it's only $5 and we are gonna be huge. Wayne Brady's our manager." Etc, etc. He pitches himself fairly well, actually, but Wayne Brady's managing young R&B groups? Yeah right. We agree to put it in the CD player. We listen for a few seconds (it's pretty good) when who walks up to the car but Wayne Brady himself.

After saying hey to all of us, Wayne then continues to pitch his boys who (apparently they weren't lying) he believes are going to be huge and that we can get the CD for $5 now instead of $15 at Best Buy in a few months. I have no shame: "I'll tell you what, Wayne. I have $5 to buy that CD right now if you'll say, 'Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?'" His R&B boy thought it was funny as hell. My car thought it was funny as hell. Wayne Brady looked like he wanted to choke me. "I'll tell you what. The music's so good I don't need to say that line for $5." We gave them their CD back and we were on our way. At least Wayne Brady's still got his standards.

We think that what Brady really has is a firm grasp of the concept of supply and demand. He's certainly not going to choke a bitch for a five-spot on the sidewalk; he's got to maintain catch-phrase scarcity so that people will pay ten times that amount to hear him explain its hilarious, image-undermining nuances in his Learning Annex class, "Makin' It Up... with Wayne Brady, Star of Whose Line Is It Anyway? with WAYNE BRADY." That's not prickliness, it's just good business sense.