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MySpace is at it again. The site blocked embedded YouTube videos last year (but then, saying it was a "misunderstanding," fixed it). But Buzznet is a direct competitor, with similar photo-sharing, friend-linking, and other social features. Now MySpace blocks any mention of Buzznet in user profiles. While users can use Buzznet URLs in their MySpace blogs, any mention of "" in a profile will turn into ".." So MySpace users can't share their Buzznet pages — or, well, anything else they want to share from the other site.

But it's not that simple. Buzznet can also work with MySpace — for example, to embed flash-based photo galleries like the one on Buzznet's MySpace page. But flash embeds are blocked as well. For instance, if the Coachella festival resaved this profile, its Buzznet flash embeds would break.

But hey, as soon as all the Web 2.0 kiddies blog about MySpace not playing by the "share and share alike" rules of the New Web, MySpace will probably "discover" this "misunderstanding" and save the day.