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Blue Security (site's down), the anti-spam service run by former Russian spammers, is a favorite spammer target due to its ruthless de facto DDOS attacks on spam senders. (This tactic recently earned it some revenge spam from a spammer who checked their mailing list against Blue Frog's public e-mail list and targeted the overlap.)

This week, Blue Security fought off a DDOS attack by pointing not to its main site, but to its Typepad-hosted blog at, according to Q Daily News. As a result, Typepad and LiveJournal (both owned and hosted by Six Apart) went down for four hours, according to QDN. Six Apart has graciously called all this a "sophisticated denial-of-service attack" and not "Blue Security fucking up again."

But maybe Six Apart has nothing to gloss over. Some commenters at QDN contend that the attack looked more like a direct DDOS on Six Apart's servers, which happened to coincide with an attack on Blue Security.

The lesson learned: Forget ethical reason, spammer hatred alone makes business with Blue Security too risky to bother with.

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