OnHollywood, the conference held by the Tony Perkins's AlwaysOn Network that's just now wrapping up, shows the signs of a good and bad event. The good: A decent Flickr pool. The bad: A cluster on Tech Memeorandum. But the Flickr stream proves this was a missable event, or at least required a Web 2.0 Kool-Aid apéritif.

Most of you should just turn away right now.

Buzzword Babylon at OnHollywood


Yes, that's Tom Green crawling from his hole and, Coke bottle in hand, blinking at the largest audience he's had in years. "I used to be big," thinks Tom as he prepares to speak. "I used to be a star. Eating roadkill, filming classics like Stealing Harvard. Ah, the good old days of classy gigs..."

Buzzword Babylon at OnHollywood


AOL blogging exec Jason Calacanis says something smug.

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Buzzword Babylon at OnHollywood

VC Jeff Clavier stops the conversation: "Wait, I really need to trip to some slow jams right now."

Buzzword Babylon at OnHollywood

Valley flack Renee Blodgett couldn't attend, but she kindly sent a life-size cardboard cutout in her stead.

Buzzword Babylon at OnHollywood

"Clearly, the reversal of the publishing paradigm forces a reanalysis of the wisdom of crowds vis-a-vis the niche market, and if we monetize...you're sleeping while standing, aren't you."

For hints of what actually went on (or at least a spin other than sour grapes), read:
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A VP from EMI says the industry's done suing and is now "monetizing" the Net. Good to hear that EMI is almost up to date. (According to calculations, they're now up to 1998.) Is the Web the new Hollywood? [ZDNet]
If the Web is the new Hollywood, why was Hollywood so bad at the web? A sketchy wifi setup hurt livebloggers and demoers. OnHollywood [Marketing Begins At Home]

One last blind item: Which attendee ended up passed out poolside last night?

Photos: Set: OnHollywood [Dan Farber on Flickr, CC]