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Latecoming Valleyschwaggers have one day to bid on a first-edition Valleyschwag package — minus the tees and one sticker. Y'see, no one can come near a Valleyschwag package without taking just a little. [eBay]

  • Yahoo (CEO and founder pictured) takes an Indian vacation. "This time," they promise, "this time we'll be the country's main search engine. The US and China were practice rounds. We swear." [Hindu Business Line]
  • Google VP Marissa Mayer says the company will launch a health search tool. Ha ha, she's kidding. No she isn't. Yes she is. But she really isn't. [USA Today]
  • In a fit of bipartisan graciousness and dignity, Al Gore's Current TV runs a cartoon mocking Bush and MySpace. Geez, the Bush jab is understandable, but what did MySpace do to Gore, fail to give him friends? [YouTube]
  • Yet another publication treats the appointment of Eric Schmidt as Google CEO as a baton-passing. Years later, baton-twirler Schmidt is still marching to Larry and Sergey's drum. [Wharton]