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Jonathan Schwartz speaks his own language, where "the edge of the Mission" means "a big house on Church Street" and "try and buy" means "General Motors should be a phone company." So his new Forbes Q&A needs some Valleyspeak interpretation. Here are translations for the tough bits.

Forbes: How are you different from Scott?

Schwartz: There's ample evidence of our differences. You need only look at our haircuts or sports preferences, or he drinks Budweiser and refers to wine that comes out of a bottle as "fine wine."

Translation: "Look how unconventional yet refined I am! You're getting my ponytail into the headshot, right?"

Will you listen to more digital music, watch more digital movies, make more digital phone calls? The answer can only be yes.

Translation: "I do horoscopes too. Listen: 'Is there love in your future? All signs point to yes.'"

Four more passages explained after the jump.

Forbes: Will we see double-digit profitability for Sun again?

Schwartz: If you mean, do I aspire to double-digit profitability? Absolutely, yes.

Translation: "I'll take a shot at it, but it's not like that's my job."

When it comes to efficiency, there are no two bigger fans in Sun than Mike Lehman [Sun's chief financial officer] and me. That's why we've decided to share an office.

Translation: "The savings in office space should make up for the $700 million we lost this year."

No. 1...

Translation: "See my counting method? Unconventional! Here, touch my ponytail."

I don't think ponytail is going anywhere.

Translation: "Not 'a ponytail.' Just 'ponytail.' Like 'Madonna.'"

Q&A: Sun Microsystems' Jonathan Schwartz [Forbes]