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Tom Cruise uses the occasion of last night's M:i:III fan screening at the Chinese Theatre to unveil a post-Miracle Baby Katie Holmes, who's spent a nearly invisible three post-partum weeks heroically putting on the the weight she couldn't seem to gain during her fake pregnancy. Better late than never! [Photo: Getty Images]
· In case you haven't seen this yet, Cruise dropped by BET yesterday to demonstrate his estimable dancing skills with a move perhaps best described as the Rhythmless Honky Riding a Motorcycle. [YouTube]
· Cruise describes why he took a tricked-out sports-car to Harlem: "Absolutely! I was going to Harlem, man! You've got to bring it to go to Harlem! You know what I'm sayin'? You can't just show up in Harlem. You've got to go!" He then attempted to execute an embarrassingly elaborate handshake with co-star Ving Rhames, who grudgingly played along as Cruise's fingers became hopelessly tangled in his own. [NY Daily News]
· Hey, what happened to that airplane banner prank that was supposed to fly above the Chinese last night? "Fog" sounds a lot like a "visit from the Scientology Aviation Administration." []