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The only thing we love more than amusing, "only in Hollywood" stories sent in by our readers on Friday afternoon is when they are spooky and secondhand "only in Hollywood" stories that involve famous witch houses and kidnappings. So without further ado, we present "The Case of the Missing Sisters of Angeleno Heights."

So my friend W. lives in the Angeleno Heights house used on that show Charmed...they use an exterior shot of his house before cutting to some sound stage or whatever. So it's not uncommon for tourists to stop by and take a photo or two on his front lawn. The braver ones will even run up to his front door for a peek inside.

Well last monday morning W.'s in his kitchen making breakfast- It's still early so he's just wearing boxers and a smile, when he notices three cop cars parked in front of his house. Not an unfamiliar sight in Echo Park right. All of a sudden he hears this loud bagging at his kitchen door. Before he can answer a couple of cops bust in and grab him. They start shouting "wheres the girls, wheres the girls!". What girls he answers. They cuff him and drag him to a squad car while a bunch of cops search his house for "the girls".

UPDATE: Looks like we've been Charm'd. The real story (we think) after the jump.

Finally an officer tells him that they're investigating a kidnapping and W.'s the prime suspect. Something about a girl named Phoebe. W.'s incredulous and just keeps quite a for a while. Finally the cops start asking him about the three sister that live in the house and what happened to them. What fucking sisters , its my house! It's not long before the cops put it all together.

The story is a deranged fan came looking for the Halliwell sisters only to find a strange looking bearded man in his underwear - not a family of kindly witches. The fan freaks "Bearded warlock must have kidnapped the Halliwells"... and calls the police to report it. Police swoop in..etc. After apologizing to W. for detaining him for the kidnapping of three fictional sisters, the cops assured him that their computers would be updated to reflect his home's special status. God I fucking love this town.

UPDATE: Hollywood mystery solving is fun! Someone's who's shot at the Charmed house debunks the above story:

The house is owned by a crochety old jackass named Murray Burns, who actually owns three houses on that historic Victorian row in Echo Park (incidentally, it is called brewmeisters row to historians as, at the turn of the 20th century, one of Los Angeles' chief exports was beer, and the then jet set in town, prior to Hollywood galvanizing the Buddy Ackermans into said title, were the brew meisters who owned the downtown breweries.)

The house is an unoccupied "standing" set that is used exclusively for myriad shoots and productions.

The WB has a contract that guarantees them usage of the house annually (about $50k per annum) so that they have approval over what dates it can be used for other shoots. It should be noted that two of Murrays other houses are also "standing sets" rented exclusively to productions, as they are renovated victorian homes as well.

I know this all because we just shot there two weeks ago and I spent half of my 12 hour day talking to Murray.