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After a week of submersion in his captivating stunt bubble, New York will finally be relieved of magician David Blaine tonight as he plans to emerge from his freshwater aquarium. According to plans, Blaine will climb out, dramatically wrap himself in 150 lbs. of chains, and then re-enter the dunk tank to hold his breath for 9 minutes while breaking free from the bonds of publicity.

Because this will be broadcast live on ABC at 8 PM, Blaine's people have generously emphasized the uncertainty of this "magic" trick. Doctors anticipate that Blaine will lose consciousness if removed from the water too quickly, and the stuntster is probably too weak to endure the planned Houdini finale. Will he make it? Can your DVR handle the suspense? Will the ratings satisfy hand-wringing advertisers?

And as if the drama didn't do enough of a number on your stomach, the Daily News reports that Blaine will emerge with a significant case of backne. Will on-site medics vomit?

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[Image via Towleroad]