Today on 'Today': Quit Wasting Lindsay's Time

Influential New Yorker Lindsay Lohan appeared on the Today show this morning, sitting down with Matt Lauer to promote her latest film, Just My Luck. She didn't seem too pleased to be there, however — lots of smirking and eye-rolling. Her game was off, and not in the way that would suggest she barely slept last night. If eating and keeping clean means we get a grumpy LiLo, we're happy to take away her Jamba Juice and give her eight ball back:

Lauer: You weren't happy with the Vanity Fair article that came out, and you released a statement saying that some of your words had been misconstrued. So let me just ask the blunt question: No problems in your life right now, in terms of substance or anything? You're fine?

Lohan: [Shakes head, looks exasperated and then genuinely perplexed] Substance abuse — I don't believe that was brought up. [Audible, Pavlovian sniffing begins here.]


Lauer: Well, just talked about some experimentation with drugs and things like that.


[Lohan sighs, waves this away as if it were ridiculous.]

Lauer:You're OK?

Lohan: [Eyes roll] Yeah, everything's fine. Vanity Fair, you know — the great thing that came out of that with the whole eating disorder issue [eyes roll] was it gave younger girls, I think, any younger girl who picked it up, they can go to their parents and talk to them about it and know that it's better to be verbal and talk to people if you have any sort of problem, whatever it may be. And that it's not worth it. [Makes serious face. She wants you to get help.]

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