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While some of Tom Cruise's pals from the mothership clearly failed in their mission to support Scientology's brightest light on his big day, at least one other emissary did her part to make sure a local theater was packed with a Cruise-friendly contingent. Reported an operative on Saturday night:

I'm buying tixs for the movie here at the arclight and standing next to me is a woman self-admittedly from the scientology center who is buying 700 tickets with piles of cash. wow.

Hollywood Interrupted also has an eyewitness account of the (same, we assume) group sale, claiming a purchase of 900 tickets for almost $9000. It's not exactly churchloads of Christians renting out theaters to support Mel Gibson's little movie about Jesus, but at least there were a couple of screenings here in L.A. with fewer available seats where suppressive moviegoers could titter at every perceived real-life parallel between Katie Holmes and the kidnapping of Cruise's onscreen love.

UPDATE: Nikki Finke confirms an "an unusual pattern of ticket sales" at the ArcLight.