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Even with all the hand-wringing about M:i:III's disappointing $48 million opening, it's a little too high a box office total for us to track every person who turned out for it this weekend. Still, we feel compelled to pass along this reader report about a notable moviegoer paying his respects:

Sunday night, went to Century City to see MI3 (I guess I was one of the only ones this weekend...) and when we got to the theater, the first few chairs in a middle row were reserved. We couldn't imagine anyone notable would be seeing MI3 on SUNDAY night at Century City AMC but maybe his private screening room is endangered with his DreamWorks paycut because Jeffrey Katzenberg rolled in at the end of the previews. He did manage to get there in time for the Over the Hedge preview... He didn't look too pleased with it.

It's kind of touching that one of the industry's highest-powered movie executives showed up in person (in a theater full of "regular" people, no less—the horror!) to give his pals over at Paramount a boost. When your buddies' movie is underperforming, every little bit helps!