MySpace Tom orders half-price ass-by-air, said random Asian girl

Hoo boy. Maybe it's an authentic MySpace Tom story, but something this over-the-top could just be one girl's idea of a star-fucking story. Tom's a widely reported Asian fetishist and a bit of a perv, sure — but flying girls to LA for some action? Is Tom that Hollywood?

In any case, sounds like this girl deserves a "Tom is NOT my friend" tee. The story, passed through another boy:

So, I hooked up last week with this half-Asian very hot Suicide Girl on - where else - MySpace.

Post-dirty sex, she's telling me "Tom from MySpace really liked that picture of my ass. He wrote me last month (post bad press) and told me he wants to 'hit my ass.' He offered to fly me to LA, but —"

Discover Tom's caveat after the jump.


"— he'd only pay for half the flight as the last girl who he flew to LA was hooking up with other guys in LA while he was at work."

Thus, without a full free ticket, she passed on his offer of cut-rate anal.

So, if you're only getting some of the trim (or ass as the case may be), you should only pay for half the flight?

And this is - as well as post bad press - post multi-million dollar "extra retention bonus."


Tom's alleged excuse about "the last girl" sounds sketchy. Hard to believe a girl tapping Tom Anderson would need more LA hotties to keep her satisfied — unless this was during Tom's emo phase.