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Noted Italian cuisine enthusiast and non-wife-murderer Robert Blake still has the matter of that civil suit weighing heavily on him, which awarded his slain spouse's family $30 million in damages—a sum Blake will likely have trouble coming up with no matter how many of his "dozens" of post-acquittal job offers he accepts. Today, Blake's lawyer filed an appeal, claiming, among other things, "juror misconduct."

[Blake's Attorney M. Gerald] Schwartzbach presented documents in which jurors said they discussed the Michael Jackson and O.J. Simpson cases during deliberations and talked of setting damages at a level that would "send a message to the world."

The documents also claimed the jurors arrived at the number by consulting a well-worn copy of the Kelley Blue Book: Celebrity Crime Edition, which valued the construction a pederasty-themed amusement park at roughly $20 million, while a cold-blooded wife murder in good condition should net at least $10 million more.