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At first, we suspected that our favorite actress was actively trying to develop "The Wink" as her signature one-sheet move (surely we all remember Matthew McConaughey's now-iconic "The Lean" ), a visual shorthand letting you know that this is a Lindsay Lohan Film, Where Fun Things Are About To Happen!™ But then we realized there's a likelier, less calculated explanation: Lohan showed up for her photo sessions exhausted from typical, sleepless nights of non-stop partying, and when a team of exasperated pros couldn't halt the uncontrollable twitching in her eyes with even a potent combination of make-up tricks and injected muscle relaxers, just worked the tic into the ad campaigns. Voila! A trademark is born. But the first true test of her move's staying power will come when it's time to do posters for her darker upcoming films, Bobby and Chapter 27, where The Wink will have to be reinvented as a more subtle spasm of grief punctuating the horrors of the Bobby Kennedy and John Lennon assassinations. We think those uncontrollably fluttering eyelids are up to the task.

In other Lindsay Lohan news: The NY Times examines the Lohan Mystique, which can pretty much be summed up by this drama-drenched backstage encounter at TRL.