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Lawyerin' for Apple can't be easy, since there's just about one person on the planet who hasn't sued them. Well, the legal team's leader is done defending. Was it the incident with the little girl? The fight with the Beatles? The fiasco with the earphone class action? The stress of buying the rest of Cupertino? Or does Steve Jobs know how to pull off a forced resignation in an elevator?

(Update: Or was she done selling millions in Apple stock?)

So Apple's head lawyer, Nancy Heinen, resigns. And all the hubbub in the valley is of His Steveness' ego going out of control — tossing execs aside like so much tech confetti, building campuses the size of a city state, shoving one up Paul McCartney's butt, planning the takeover of Adobe, re-engineering The Mouse, and designing a grand strategy with Google to unseat The Billmeister.

After the jump, our tipster gets lost in Heinen hottie daydreams, and hopefully learns that he's one "plausible deniability" away from a harrassment suit.


But in all of this we forget that Heinen was/is a hottie. An older MILF hottie to be sure but a hottie none the less. Her prim business suits no doubt covering some lacey undies, the coquettish smile framed by bright red lipstick, the drumming of well manicured nails on hard bound legal briefs. Oh how those long legal review meetings just used to fly by............

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