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The Malcontent has video of the cast of Will & Grace's appearance on today's Oprah, talking about what it's like to end a long-running, hit series. Debra Messing offered that "it felt like I lost my last name," which must have been extremely difficult for the actress, having already survived losing a single "o" much earlier in her career. Oprah starts a question for the very-obviously-gay-to- everyone-except-himself Eric McCormack with, "Now, Eric, you're not gay..." which elicits whoops of "You're not?!" from his female co-stars. The married actor then rebutts with this anecdote: "I'm banging on [Debra's] door at the Four Seasons last night screaming 'I'm not gay!' Please!" Well, that settles that! Sean Hayes remains suspiciously mum throughout the exchange, though he opens up once the subject turns to shit:

Sean Hayes: Before each show I have a PSP. Not a Sony Playstation. I have a pre show poop. Because I get a nervous stomach.

Debra Messing: And we cannot start the show until he has had his poop. So we check in.

Megan Mullaly: We had to wait a couple of times...

Oprah: Everybody's laughing, but isn't a poop so freeing?

It's a refreshing, candid moment, though perhaps crosses a line when Winfrey encouraged her guests, in the name of series closure, to join her in squeezing one out on national television. Luckily, they chose to demure, though they did compromise by recreating the very difficult to achieve quadruple auto-fellative maneuver pictured on the series finale advertising.