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A reliable pal passes along this bit of cable-news programming gossip:

I went to an advance screening of Poseidon the other night. It was the kind of screening that they give passes out to select industry contacts and people responding to "Get two free passes to Movie X" ads in various papers.

The guy behind us was talking loudly enough about work (in this case, a position at MSNBC) that he could be easily overheard. The gist of his conversation may have had something to do with recent schedule changes, but I could be wrong about that. The upshot that I was clear about was that Keith Olbermann was doing fine in his time slot, and that Tucker Carlson was not going to survive his move to 11:00.

I didn't recognize the guy, but he was mid-50s, lavender shirt and blue blazer, crappy tan. He was clearly not so important that he was able to go to a more private or star-studded premiere.

So when Tucker fails at 11 — and it's MSNBC, so of course he will — remember you heard it here first, courtesy of some crappily tanned guy.

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