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Somewhat unsurprisingly, serial drunken joyrider and former Lost star Michelle Rodriguez did not find being locked up for 65 hours with several hundred hard-bodied hardened, female criminals to be a cruel and unusual punishment. To hear her describe it, her weekend in all-girl detention was wall-to-wall talent shows and arts and crafts classes:

Rodriguez says, "It was so cool. I love people, and it was a primal crew. The only thing that keeps them going is fighting for salt and making dice out of soap. [...]

"I represent the people, you know what I mean? If somebody picks on me, they'll get what's coming. I didn't have to handle myself is what I'm saying. I had love in there. People got where I'm coming from."

And Rodriguez spent her time behind bars creatively.

She adds, "Drawing pictures for everybody on their shirts. Writing poetry. And singing show tunes with the girls... I'm not surprised they kicked me out early."

Given the affection that she felt towards her brief incarceration, Rodriguez seems to have known exactly what she was doing when she opted for jail time over community service. During 240 hours of forced inner-city school tutoring, roadside trash pick-up, or the filming of anti drunk-driving PSAs, there would have been precious few opportunities for the baby-oil-slathered pillowfights with her "primal crew" she no doubt enjoyed just before nightly lockdown.