ConFonz, a favorite Valleywag roving correspondent, reports again from E3 — this time, I suspect, from the hotel bar. It's okay, it was Thursday night and everyone was drunk. But just for fun, Valleywag won't proofread this edition of ConFonz.

Well, 2 days have passed, and the ex is on the fuck-it path. Everyone is either happy or depressed beyond belief. This includes Macrovision. The nefarious ConFonz spent all night shmoozing with yogourt in tow. The most exciting part of the evening? The Brits hate Edge because it's so up it's own asshole. Funny, though, they couldn't name any better mag!

So, how do you piss off Macrovision? Ask about playing DVD'S under Linux. Boy, it was a great discussion until Linus' ubiquitous operating sysytem was mentioned. Then it was all, " have you talked to our PR
people? Have fun, and good night."

So, Turner has deep pockets. GameTap will prevail, despite what Carless and Scheffield say. Give it one year and one Xbox contract later, and the service will be right behind WoW s the most popular subscription-based service.

CMP lost China. Ouch. China is now competing on uneven grounf.

Sony is still a 3-year-old girl in a small box purchased by a multi-millionaire ass-rapist. Goodbye. We shall not cross pathes again.

IBM thought that it was endrunning around Intel with its console plays, but in the end, it's all gonna come crashing down. DVD is enough. Cry cry cry me a fucking river, third parties.

You'll all be on your knees at the alter of Nintendo soon enough.