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Tips pour in about Google's PR hiring push. The guys just wanna bring that classy Sinatra hiring treatment to the world of public relations.

The interview process is a bit simpler than the weeks-long process for engineers. It starts, said one potential hire, with a phone interview, followed by a half-day interview session with a slew of recruiters. Google says they tell applicants immediately if they're hired. But then comes a month-long background check — don't worry, that Gmail account is perfectly safe — because they can't have just anybody spamming out press releases.

One reader got the pitch in person. Their story, after the jump.

The GOOG has also been hanging out at PRSA events...last March, at [a luncheon]...I was leaving the event and a Google recruiter came up to me and handed me an official business card (no name/title on front) with two names and phone numbers on the back...said if I was interested to give a call. I didn't call.

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