About a month ago, we posted a video that reader Chris Hanley shot at the Gen Art Film Fest. We especially loved the part where an impressive douchebag opined, "You know, like, I'm into movies, and that's cool. But, like, if you're gonna throw, like, uh, an industry party, you might as well fucking, like, throw a party." He was a wise tard, if nothing else.

As it turns out, said douchebag is a socialite named Max Dassler (no relation to Adidas), and he wants to prove that he's more than just a talented philosopher. Thus he invited Hanley out with him to food artist Paul Renner's bacchanal for an "ultra-decadent" night of eating gold and "embracing this indulgent lifestyle." We can't say it really helps his case, but we appreciate the effort.

EDIT: Okay, so YouTube apparently decided to stop working. When it starts working, we'll put this back.


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