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· The whole world, including places that aren't versed enough in the tenets of Christianity to know why Catholics don't like the idea of Jesus and Mary Magdalene hooking up, seems really, really excited for The Da Vinci Code. [Variety]
· After closing a deal to sell his clothing company $1.6 billion, Tommy Hilfiger is so rich that he's willing to fart away $20 million on a movie about the fashion industry. We predict that he's going to be the most popular guy in Hollywood by next Wednesday. [THR]
· Credit Var for not falling into the "sinking" trap and instead going scatological with their "Will the ship hit the fans?" Poseidon headline. [Variety]
· CBS wins all three hours (both overall and in the key demographic) of primetime Thursday TV against "super-sized" NBC episodes, even though (spoiler alert) Jim totally told Pam he was in love with her at the end of Casino Night and we like cried for a half hour straight. [THR]
· NBC officially picks up Friday Night Lights, Heroes, Raines, 20 Good Years and The Singles Table. They still haven't given the official go-ahead to the Tina Fey comedy—the network seems to be working things out with Alec Baldwin so that they can premiere the show in the fall and fulfill their dream of having a solid 90-minute block of all SNL-inspired programming. [Variety]