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• Reporting the war in Iraq isn't exactly the cushy assignment you'd expect it to be. [NYM]
• Jon Friedman, Gawker reader, thinks it'll be tough for Time to toss Jim Kelly overboard. [Marketwatch]
• Mark Cuban prefers newspapers to the Internet. Particularly the ones that report on his billion dollar penis. [Blog Maverick]
• Simon Dumenco cracks wise about Suri Cruise, Rosie O'Donnell, and Shakira's hips (SPOILER: they don't lie). He doesn't care WHO he pisses off! You can catch more of Simon's cutting edge humor later this week at the HaHa Hut in Totowa, N.J. [AdAge]
New Republic editor says the magazine devoted an entire issue to the subject of Darfur because a) the situation calls for crusading journalism, b) TNR should be more assertive in its coverage, and c) there's only so many pages you can fill with slavish encomia to Joe Lieberman.[NPR]