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Since you loved it last time, here's what tech's top dogs did this weekend.

Google still wants Microsoft to stop pimping its MSN search on Internet Explorer and instead use a list of engines starting with the most popular, which — ha ha, oh we didn't know it was us, isn't that funny — is Google.

AOL cuts 1300 call-center jobs (where reps got bonuses for trapping people in AOL); the free-CD factory continues apace.


MySpace owner News Corp. might launch a wireless service — finally entering the only market already uglier than MySpace.

Amazon wants Net Neutrality. Google will fight for Net Neutrality, but only out of the goodness of its heart, mind you.


Yahoo and Microsoft still chase Google — or at least USA Today just found out about it.

Meanwhile, Google woos enterprise customers by teaming with Salesforce, Oracle, Cisco, Netsuite, and others.

Microsoft and Intel need more immigrants or they'll emigrate.

The Supreme Court lets EBay continue using Buy-it-now despite a patent dispute. Surprise surprise, the White House was rooting against EBay.

Apple, fresh from its own court victory (against Apple), enjoys another round of iPhone rumors.

Oracle is winning a boat race.