Graz'd: Brian Grazer's Urine Prank

In today's column, Rush & Molloy celebrate infamously quirky, taut-faced producer Brian Grazer's taste for pranks. While Grazer's trademark trick of surreptitiously inserting a framed picture of himself into his hosts' photo collections is well-documented, we'd never heard of this exciting twist on the Graz'd formula:

Less well known is a variation which allegedly involves a vial of Grazer's urine.

"Apparently, he saw these test tubes in his doctor's office, grabbed a few, filled them and hid them in friends' homes," a source tells us. "Some people thought it was a little much. One top executive called Brian and said, 'This has to stop!'"

Imagine Entertainment President Michael Rosenberg argues, "Brian says [the urine story] is absolutely untrue."

Grazer does confirm the unusual greeting he gave designer Tom Ford at a party CAA agent Bryan Lourde threw a few months ago.

"Brian put his hand down Tom's pants," says another guest. "Tom said, 'Careful. I'm not wearing underwear. And I'm going to come right back at you.'"

We're a little disappointed about the urine denial, if for no other reason than we think it opens up a world of increasingly more amusing and transgressive variations on the leave-behind gag. Grazer's high-powered buddies will be doubled over with laughter the first time they discover those Chinese takeout boxes full of the producer's excrement sitting in their Sub Zeroes.

And while we're on the topic, we're pretty sure that Grazer's genital-shaking greeting doesn't qualify as a "prank," as superagent Lourd's "Grab A Handful of Hollywood Junk" affairs are some of the most-anticipated events on the industry's social calendar.