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Bad news for the Falls, the bar where Imette St. Guillen was last seen before her murder and where her suspected killer, Darryl Littlejohn, was employed:

The State Liquor Authority formally accused the operators of the Falls bar of seven infractions, including providing false or misleading information during a police investigation during the initial days of its investigation into the St. Guillen slaying. SLA spokesman Bill Crowley said the bar has until July 9 to respond to the charges.

Obviously these charges could (and likely will) result in the Falls losing its liquor license, which, come to think of it, is a blessing. You may drunkenly stumble in to the joint, but no one really wants to have a beer there, not even ironically. And if you can't even cater to irony, you might as well be bleeding cash. Taking away their liquor license would be an act of kindness, like a mercy killing.

UPDATE: A reader who (unlike us) actually walks by the venue reports that though SLA has yet to revoke their license, the Falls has been closed for a week.

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