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As Sony executives distractedly oversweeten their morning coffees while nervously taking in the first round of heinous reviews and reports of a mushrooming international outrage over The Da Vinci Code, Ron Howard and star Tom Hanks took a moment to address some of the concerns in a Q and A with reporters moments before the film had its premiere at Cannes today:

"There's no question that the film is likely to be upsetting to some people," Howard told reporters. "My advice, since virtually no one has really seen the movie yet, is to not go see the movie if you think you're going to be upset. Wait. Talk to somebody who has seen it. Discuss it. And then arrive at an opinion about the movie itself."[...]

One reporter asked the cast if they believed Christ was married.

Star Tom Hanks quipped, "Well, I wasn't around."

We doubt even Hollywood's Nicest Guy Hanks and his cheeky plea of ignorance will do much to abate the ireful condemnation of a planet of Catholics shouting bloody heresy. But Howard's novel "wait until you haven't seen the movie and then make up your minds" approach is so antithetical to every other defense ever put forward by a director of a controversial project, it could prove highly successful as a reverse psychology marketing tool—effectively nudging up international box office to record-breaking numbers as outraged believers snap up every available Da Vinci ticket in a worldwide "Boycott The Heretic Ron Howard's Advice Day."